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Betar Bangla is a training provider to our local residences to empower their skills, experiences and enable them to enter in the employment market into media sectors.
Betar Bangle delivered recent projects that most closely reflect our organisation’s ability. The details of the funder, geographical coverage, period of delivery, number of participants worked with, and the outputs and results.
Positive Citizenship:
Betar Bangla to held 10 workshops for 100 local residents over a period of 18 months. The workshops were for 5 hours each in which the following topics were explained and discussed. What is citizenship? What is Britishness? Diversity and Citizenship, Citizenship and the Law, Conflict resolution through argument and debate, respect for and understanding of the other point of view, free speech and other shared values. Guest speakers include the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, local Councillors, Loll Galor, Member of Community Media Association and other borough notables like the borough Commander. Betar Bangla also held 12 one hour panel discussions/phone-in in which these topics were further explored and questions from listeners answered. We achieved all the financial and output targets agreed in the Service Level Agreement and met all deadlines.
Window into media:
Training: basic electronic media presentation, including
i.Scriptwriting – 6 hours recording – 12 hours
iii.editing – 12 hours
iv.presentation – 12 hours (including language and pronunciation
v.Revision 6 hours
vi.Practical experience – 12 hours in BetarBangla studio
Format: 8 weeks training followed by 2 weeks practical experience in Betar Bangla studio
Level: unaccredited but structured training to capacity build beneficiaries to bring them closer to the job market
Sessions outline: 6 hours a day, one day a week for 8 weeks (theoretical) and 6 hours a day for 2 weeks (practical)
Course delivery: Qualified tutor, technician and class assistant.
The maximum size of the grant available, £12000, meant that it was not financially viable to deliver an accredited course.
Follow on tracking:
Number into employment: 4
Number into further training: 2
Number into Volunteering: 6
Training into Employment in Media
Target Group: Primarily Bangladeshi men and women
Training in: script writing, audio recording, editing, presentation, practical experience in Betar Bangla studio.
Training Format: 6 hours a day, one day a week for 12 weeks. The training was delivered by a qualified tutor, 1 technician and 1 class assistant
Follow on tracking:
Number into employment:6
Number into further training: 0
Number into Volunteering:8
Monitoring: The project was monitored on a quarterly basis by THC officer and quarterly payments were made after each monitoring visit. The project met all the financial and training outputs agreed in the Service Level Agreement.
Upcoming training project:
Training Course: Introduction to basic electronic media presentation including scriptwriting, audio recording, editing, interview techniques, using a computer for research, legal issues, OFCOM guidelines
Format: 10 weeks of training (theory and practical) followed by 2 weeks of “live” broadcasts.
Level: unaccredited but structured training to capacity build trainees in order to bring them closer to the job market. Betar Bangla has delivered accredited training (L1&2) before (See project 3 below) but the maximum grant award and output ratio available in this programme means that option not financially viable.
Please enrol your name if you are a tower Hamlets residence by calling 0207 790 7970

Live: 020 7790 7970