Betar Bangla is a Community Radio Station 1503 AM with full broadcasting Licence from OFCOM since 2010. Before getting licence, we used to deliver 2 hours radio programme from Sound Radio on the same frequency 1503 AM since 2002. This is the only Bengali community radio in UK. We have 80,000+ listeners all over East End boroughs; our website listen live follows: 180,000+ listener on line in all over the world including UK. Our daily radio programmes consist of news-local and nation, live and canned music, comedy and literary show, panel discussions with phone-in programmes on important issues on Health, Welfare, Education, Crime and Safety, social Cohesion, etc., that affect the local communities. Our radio programme is unique and interactive.

Currently Betar Bangla has got 80 + presenters, who are performing live show on various subjects. Click programme and see all programme details as well as profile of our presenters.

Betar Bangla has successfully delivered many training projects to empower all community members in media industries and meeting all the requirements of our Funders – e.g., we delivered an ESF training project for the Greater London Council this year (on radio presentation, editing, scriptwriting) and have been awarded funding Tower Hamlets Council to deliver an 18 months’ programme of workshops on Citizenship.


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